Self-Love with LowqualityLiz –

IMG_9225.jpgI am always here and ready for any project that has to do with self-love, but I was especially excited when I found out a well-known Interscope Records photographer, Liz Mouw, was starting up a self-love project of her own! Mouw has launched a new photography project called (pronounced like “try it”) aimed toward unpacking and analyzing what it means, as a female, to love your body in 2017.

The focus of the project has started out hyper-personal for Mouw, struggling with self-esteem and body image issues, she started taking photos of herself in lingerie to help build up her own confidence.

“ will help people push people out of their comfort zone and embrace their bodies. For years I have had body image issues but this year I told myself that I really need to start loving myself. I have become more confident in myself, although now I realize it doesn’t matter what I look like, just as long as I am happy with myself, my body and the skin I am in. That is the ultimate mission of, to inspire other women to reach a place of comfort and peace with their body.”

Mouw is optimistic about the future of Although she started out doing this project just for her and her own self love, now that she has verbally committed to wanting to inspire other women through her own self-portrait photographs, Mouw is set to start shooting other women for the project.

“Having real people and real stories will help people that are having body image issues can feel inspired by regular people. It’s a new project that I want to carry on and inspire people. What I am going to do is take submissions and take pictures of people in lingerie/nude whatever they feel confident in. There will be a small feature of that person talking about how they’ve learned to love themselves or how they love themselves! Anybody and everyone is welcome. I also want to make a community where people can reach out to others for any questions or simply making friends. It’s a cool project that’s slowly coming along but I am excited to see how it all plays out.”

If you’d like to see all of Liz’s published work so far with, hit up their instagram

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